Leaders in Fiberglass Composite Manufacturing

Orenco Headquarters, Orenco Composites, fiberglass manufacturing

Orenco Composites is a division of Orenco Systems®, Inc., headquartered in beautiful Douglas County, Oregon. Orenco Systems has been manufacturing strong, water-resistant fiberglass products for more than 30 years and the company’s engineers are nationally recognized experts in the fields of fiberglass product development and manufacturing. Research, product development, and sales support are handled out of our 26-acre (10.5-hectare) facility in Sutherlin, Oregon. Our three state-of-the-art production facilities include nearly 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

Orenco Composites uses filament winding and two types of closed-molding processes — resin transfer molding (RTM) and vacuum infusion — to produce high quality, fiber-reinforced plastic (“fiberglass”) composite parts. We’ve taken the fiberglass technology developed for our wastewater markets and created high-quality shelters, basins, tanks, and enclosures for telecommunications, utilities, railroad, aviation, food and many more industries. And we offer design, development, and manufacturing for custom OEM products.

We’re proud of our innovative methods and production facilities, which meet the EPA’s stringent MACT standards for environmental protection.

Orenco designs and manufactures affordable, sustainable wastewater technologies for individual properties and whole communities — properties and communities that are not hooked up to city sewers or whose sewers are failing or at capacity.

Orenco was founded in 1981 in response to widespread failures in Oregon’s onsite wastewater systems. Since then, the company has grown to become a wastewater industry leader, with hundreds of employees and more than 300 points of distribution in North America, Australasia, Europe, Africa, and southwest Asia. Our products and technologies have been installed in 70 countries, on virtually every continent.

To learn more about Orenco Systems, please visit www.orenco.com.

Orenco Controls designs and manufactures control and monitoring panels for customers all over the world, serving multiple markets: residential, municipal, commercial/industrial, and OEM.

These panels are used in diverse applications such as water, wastewater, and industrial processes. Products range from simple alarms to custom-built control systems with PLCs, telemetry, and graphical interfaces. Our large production volume lets us directly partner with leading manufacturers to install the very best components at significant cost savings for our customers.

For more information on Orenco Controls or to see our complete catalog of Controls & Monitoring Products, visit www.orencocontrols.com.


Orenco Systems has been designing and producing decorative fiberglass products since 2010. The company’s FiberGraphic division has taken fiberglass technology one step further by embedding photos and logos inside its products, including ping-pong tables, conference tables, end tables, benches, and more.

Each table or bench is embedded with the unique graphics of your choice – logos, insignias, photos, or artwork — and leg colors are customizable to match any decor. The materials used are the same as materials utilized in boat manufacturing, so FiberGraphic products perform well outdoors or in damp environments.

To learn more about FiberGraphic, Furnishings, visit www.fibergraphic.com.