Orenco Composites uses filament winding to creat tanks, scrubbers, basins, and pipes
filament winding, tanks, scrubbers, basins, pipes

Orenco Composites uses a process called filament winding to produce cylindrical-shaped fiberglass parts, such as tanks, scrubbers, basins, and pipes. Filament winding is accomplished by wrapping (winding) continuous fiberglass roving onto a rotating mandrel. The roving is typically “wet-out” through a resin bath just prior to being wound onto the mandrel. The roving is then wrapped in precise — typically helical — patterns. After the roving has been wound on the mandrel to the desired thickness, the resin is allowed to cure, and the part is pulled off of the mandrel. Filament winding is used in many different industries for a wide variety of components, from rocket engine cases to sewer pipes to soy sauce tanks.

Filament-wound lid, filament winding

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Leaders in Our Industry

Orenco Composites

Orenco Composites is a leader in fiberglass manufacturing. Each of our divisions utilizes the unique processes we’ve developed over more than 30 years to create cutting-edge products.

Orenco Systems®, Inc.  designs and sells economical, sustainable wastewater treatment products for properties not served by conventional sewers. These include fiberglass septic tanks and septic systems, advanced treatment systems, effluent sewers, and electrical control panels. Our award-winning technologies are cited in water treatment and wastewater texts and have been installed all over the world.

FiberGraphic™ Custom Furnishings has taken fiberglass technology one step further by embedding photos and logos inside its products. Now, anyone can design and order their own custom-branded products: ping-pong (table tennis) tables, conference tables, end tables, benches, and more.

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