Vacuum Infusion process, vacuum infusion
Vacuum Infusion, vacuum infusion process

Orenco Composites uses a closed-molding process called Vacuum Infusion to produce very large parts (often over 10,000 pounds), as well as relatively low-volume parts that cannot be economically produced using the RTM process. Vacuum infusion is also useful for producing extremely strong parts that require very high reinforcement content and parts requiring sophisticated coring, negative drafts, or other complicated laminate structures. Vacuum infusion has been widely adopted by manufacturers in the aerospace and yacht industries because the process lends itself to these types of large, complicated, low volume structures.

Vacuum infusion molds can be relatively inexpensive since they are typically single-sided and do not require matched male/female mold sets. In fact, standard spray-up molds can sometimes be adapted to the vacuum infusion process.

Vacuum Infusion, vacuum infusion process

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Leaders in Our Industry

Orenco Composites is a leader in fiberglass manufacturing. Each of our divisions utilizes the unique processes we’ve developed over more than 30 years to create cutting-edge products.

Orenco Systems®, Inc.  designs and sells economical, sustainable wastewater treatment products for properties not served by conventional sewers. These include fiberglass septic tanks and septic systems, advanced treatment systems, effluent sewers, and electrical control panels. Our award-winning technologies are cited in water treatment and wastewater texts and have been installed all over the world.

FiberGraphic™ Custom Furnishings has taken fiberglass technology one step further by embedding photos and logos inside its products. Now, anyone can design and order their own custom-branded products: ping-pong (table tennis) tables, conference tables, end tables, benches, and more.

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