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Basins & Wet Wells

Tall fiberglass basin, fiberglass basin, basin, wet well

Orenco Composites takes pride in producing high-quality, helically wound fiberglass basins. The helical winding process produces an extremely strong and uniform wall.  Resin-saturated fiberglass strands are wound onto a rotating steel mandrel’s surface in a precise helical pattern. The interior surface is a resin-rich layer (with optional gelcoat) that provides excellent corrosion resistance. After the fiberglass filament-winding process, gelcoat is typically applied to the exterior surface. Fiberglass reinforcement ribs, when required, are wound onto the basin exterior. Basins are designed to be buried to grade in completely saturated conditions without deformation.

An array of options is available to outfit the basin to your specific needs. We can supply a turn-key lift station, a simple basin with penetrations, or anything in-between.

Need a shelter and controls for your storm water or wastewater project? Let Orenco Composites deliver a complete, turn-key package. No other basin or wet well manufacturer can put it all together. And our quality is unsurpassed.

Basin covers internal mounts and piping, fiberglass basin

Give one of our technical sales reps a call today. We’ll work closely with you and your team from start to finish. We engineer the product to meet your specific application needs and we deliver on time, so you can finish your project on time.


  • Diameters from 24″ (61 cm) to 144″ (365.8 cm)
  • Heights to 35′ (10.7 meters)


  • Basins manufactured to ASTM specifications
  • Helical winding process
  • Top flange manufactured using closed-molded process
  • Base contains no steel; closed-molded with foam core
  • 5-year warranty


  • Aluminum or fiberglass covers
  • Sloped base
  • Fiberglass nozzles
  • Fiberglass sleeves
  • Slide rail systems
  • Ladders and ladder brackets
  • Platforms
  • Traffic-rated extensions
  • Stainless, ductile iron, or PVC plumbing
  • Integrated valve enclosure


  • Sewage lift stations
  • Storm water lift stations
  • Effluent lift stations



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