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Orenco Composites offers multiple enclosure models and sizes, from mid-sized cabinets to our larger, dual-door valve enclosures. These corrosion-free enclosures provide the ultimate protection for your equipment. Our DuraFiber™ fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) enclosures are vacuum-infused to form a single-piece structure; they’re not manufactured using “spray-up” or constructed of bolted-up individual panels. No wood is used in these structures, and they have insulating values up to R-24. If you want an enclosure or shelter that will stand up to extreme weather, choose Orenco Composites.

Empty fiberglass enclosure, fiberglass enclosure

We have extensive experience serving the wastewater, water treatment, utility, and communications industries. Our enclosures can be tailor-made for your application. We can manufacture enclosures with lighting, heating, ventilation, and ports to accommodate wiring or pipe. We offer a wide variety of door styles, including swing doors and gull-wing-style doors. You can specify a single door or multiple doors to provide easier access to your equipment. All fasteners and door hardware are stainless steel. And all enclosures include lifting eyes, so installation at your job site is easy.

Orenco Composites has 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Our state-of-the art facilities allow us to produce quality products and consistently deliver on time.

Give one of our technical sales reps a call today. We’ll work closely with you and your team from start to finish.


  • 46″W x 22″D x 54″H
    (117 cm x 56 cm x 137 cm)
  • 60″W x 60″D x 48″H
    (152 cm x 152 cm x 122 cm)
  • 60″W x 60″D x 60″H
    (152 cm x 152 cm x 152 cm)
  • 60″W x 60″D x 72″H
    (152 cm x 152 cm x 183 cm)
  • 78″W x 48″D x 48″H
    (198 cm x 122 cm x 122 cm)
  • 78″W x 60″D x 48″H
    (198 cm x 152 cm x 122 cm)
  • 78″W x 72″D x 48″H
    (198 cm x 183 cm x 122 cm)
  • 78″W x 48″D x 60″H
    (198 cm x 122 cm x 152 cm)
  • 78″W x 60″D x 60″H
    (198 cm x 152 cm x 152 cm)
  • 78″W x 72″D x 60″H
    (198 cm x 183 cm x 152 cm)
  • Custom sizes available


  • Single-piece, closed-molded fiberglass construction
  • Integral foam-core insulation in walls, roof
  • No wood embedded in the enclosure
  • Corrosion-resistant, UV-stable finish
  • Light and transportable; lifting lugs for moving/setting in place
  • Customization available
  • 10-year warranty


  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Anti-skid fiberglass floor, integrally bonded and sealed
  • Multiple door configurations
  • Electrical outlets
  • Interior and exterior colors
  • Flame retardant to ASTM E84
  • Insulation values of R-24 or greater
  • Control systems
  • Hazardous location components
  • Custom equipment


  • Valves
  • Controls
  • Flow monitoring
  • UV disinfection
  • Chemical feed
  • Process equipment


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